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  1. Payment policy. Payment can be made by any of the payment methods described in the in the user agreement methods: User can make payment for the use of the Service both to the the Administration's bank account, and through the payment system Unitpay. When paying for the order by bank card, payment processing occurs on the authorization page of the bank, where you need to Enter the data of your bank card: Card type, 2. Card number, 3. Card expiration date, 4. Cardholder's name (in Latin Cardholder's name (in Latin letters exactly as it is on the card), 5. CVC2/CVV2 code. If your card is connected to 3D-Secure service, you will be automatically redirected to the page of the issuing bank card to pass the authentication procedure. For information on rules and methods of additional identification please contact Bank that issued your bank card.
  2. Delivery rules There is no delivery of goods, in fact There are no delivery rules, in fact, we pay for the services of the service functionality.
  3. Returns Only refunds are available in the event of a genuine If this happens, please contact @Link_Indexing_Support via Telegram.

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